SharePoint Online 2013

Posted by Cindy on October 15, 2013 in Microsoft |

I recently started a SharePoint Online project that has been a lot of fun. I’m creating sites that contain all the info a homeowner needs during the building process. Sites are rolling out this week – interested to see the feedback we receive from the homeowners.


iOS7 features

Posted by Cindy on October 15, 2013 in Apple, iOS |

Have you installed the iOS 7 yet? If you haven’t, here are some of my favorite new features that may make it worth your while –


  • Block this Caller – At the bottom of the contact screen is the new option “Block this Caller”. Blocking prevents calls, text and Facetime requests from the contact.
  • Display running apps – Tap the home button twice to see all open apps. In iOS 7  a miniature screen is displayed for each app. To close an app, swipe up on the app.
  • Notification Center – The notification center now displays weather, calendar and message info on the lock screen. If you don’t want the information displayed there, turn the feature off in Settings, Notification Center.
  • Control Center – The Control Center puts settings that you use frequently in an easy to access location. Swipe up on any screen to access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, and Flashlight settings.